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Poem: Time

Posted by slimjim92 from Flintshire - Published on 18/01/2013 at 14:00
2 comments » - Tagged as Creative Writing

  • Time's Running Out

The glass is cracked
Our time is done
Against our backs
The clocks now run

We'll outrun time
Just you and me
A place we'll find
Where time can't see

So take my hand
And on our way
We'll find our land
Where time can't stay

And when this land
Is found and ours
Forever we'll spend
Beneath the flowers

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FYI Joolz

FYI Joolz

Commented 27 months ago - 21st January 2013 - 13:33pm

What a great little poem. Thanks SlimJim. We would love to see more poetry and creative writing on the site.



Commented 27 months ago - 29th January 2013 - 16:16pm

Thanks Joolz :)

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